PetaStor provides the original customer with the warranty period within which the product the customer purchased will be flawless in both materials and workmanship. The warranty period begins from the date of purchase to the expiration of the corresponding standard product warranty period. Based on the warranty period and terms, PetaStor, at its expense, shall repair or replace any of returned products or parts verified as defective. Below are the warranty terms :

  • The warranty also takes on the costs of essential labor and parts. But according to The Authorized Returning Material Flow, requests for returning the defective products won’t be handled by PetaStor until the customer completes and submits the RMA Report to PetaStor. When one RMA Report is applied and sent to PetaStor, a RMA number will be issued by PetaStor to the customer for further dealing with each defective product claimed by the customer.
  • The warranty will be ineffective to the conditions in which the losses or damages caused by Improper-or-insufficient packaging during shipping, wrong maintenance and operations or accidents.
  • The customer shall return the defective product freight prepaid and packed into the original packaging or the equivalent one to PetaStor with the registered RMA number. PetaStor shall ship repaired/reconditioned/replacement products freight prepaid to the customer. Nonetheless,, if a pending delivery is made by the customer, the repaired/replacement/reconditioned products shall be shipped together with the customer’s next or regular order. Otherwise, it will be shipped separately. And both parties should agree to use the same means of shipping.
  • No matter it’s still within or expires the warranty period, the products returned but found flawless or indefective will make it a cause for PetaStor to charge a diagnostic fee.
  • When the conditions that the services requested by the customer is beyond the warranty period and term happen or the responsibilities of the product failure can’t be ascribable to PetaStor, the customer shall has to take on the shipping cost on both-way delivery.
  • The liability of PetaStor for the losses and damages shall not be over or exceed the prices of the individual unit whose defect or damage is the basis for the claim.
  • In the aftermath of receiving the returned products, the repaired/reconditioned/replacement shall be returned to the customer within 2 weeks.

Standard Warranty Period

Warranty Period
Shipped before 2008 Shipped after 2008
System (Controller, I/O Board & Back-Plane) 2 Years 3 Years
Power Module 2 Years 3 Years
Battery Module 1 Years 1 Years
Accessories and Mechanical parts No warranty, except missing or wrong parts

Dead on Arrival (DOA)

Dead On Arrival (DOA) strictly means the units that fail to work normally upon arrival at the customer’s side. For the disposition on DOA units, the customer has to submit the DOA claim within 7days of receipt and ship back the DOA units to PetaStor within 14days. PetaStor shall complete the replacement shipment within 14days beginning from the date of customer’s DOA claim and arrange and pay the insurance and freight for both returning and replacing the products.

Out of Warranty

Generally, PetaStor will provide customer the warranty of PetaStor products for a certain period of time beginning from the date when the customer receives the products. The services of both labor and material to the customer will be free of charge until the warranty period expires, but when the warranty period expires, any services, including labor, material and technical support, will be charged and PetaStor shall inform the customer about the amount of service fees or repair cost in advance. Repair charges may be added to the next purchase order or paid separately. Please inquire the repair charge with the sales person or assistant who is routinely in charge of your account.

Cost of Shipping for RMA

Cost of Shipping for RMA
Shipping Cost to Petastor Shipping Cost to Client
Regular Warranty Paid by Client Paid by Petastor
Out of Warranty Paid by Client Paid by Client
DOA Paid by Petastor Paid by Petastor

The Authorized Returning Material Flow

  • End user reports the defects to the buyer.
  • After problems have been verified, the buyer has to fill in one RMA form and send it to PetaStor to claim for the RMA No.
  • With the information written on the RMA form, PetaStor will judge whether the defective goods has expired the warranty period or not. If the defective goods belongs to dead on arrive (DOA), PetaStor will issue the RMA No. to the customer and ship immediately the replacement.
  • If the defective goods are still within the warranty period, PetaStor will issue the RMA No. to the customer.
  • If the defective goods are over the warranty, PetaStor will inform the buyer of this status.
  • The shipment of the defective goods has to be sent back with the RMA No. to PetaStor. The shipment of replacement or repaired goods will be done by same way to the customer.
  • PetaStor will submit the defective report to the buyers after the engineer has repaired the defective goods.