To meet new safety regulation IEC 62368, M1C power module will be replaced by new M1D power module.—Jan. 1st, 2020

M1D power supply modules are about to take the place of M1C for all Alnico Gen2 RAID and JBOD subsystems

Alnico Gen2 (M1C) power supply modules are going to be substituted by (M1D) in 2020 for the reason that EU’s new safety regulation : IEC 62368 was published, and previously safety regulation IEC 60950 will be withdrawn on 2020.

Different from the current M1C power supply modules, the new M1D power supply modules are produced by Sure Star Taiwan, a top leading company in designing & manufacturing redundancy power supply modules.

AN-812/816 and AH-825 will be changed from 2 x M1C500 to 2 x M1D500.

AN-824 will be changed from 3 x M1C500 to 2 x M1D700.

Additionally, when it comes to inventory maintenance control, choosing a professional power supply module design & manufacture company becomes essential and crucial. We believe the new power supply modules will bring the users a more stable power supplying environment to their Alnico Gen2 RAID and JBOD subsystems.

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