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PetaStor Alnico RAID Serires provides a simple, scalable, reliable mass storage solution for today’s fast-growing business world. Exceptional performance, continuous availability, cost-effective, and proven reliability make Alnico the best selection for all small and medium-size business(SMBs) and enterprises

There are some features on Alnico RAID Series but the most notable is supporting advanced and secure RAID-6 technology. RAID-6 enables IT users to recover data in the event of two hard drive failures and provides the highest level of data protection. Alnico RAID Series also make use of modular design and cable-less design concept. Modular design allows easily swapping out faculty parts to shorten downtime, and cable-less design provides users of ease of maintenance. MIS administrators can utilize the most convenient web-based GUI RAID manager to configure and monitor Alnico RAID subsystems with no specific software or patches required.

In short, Alnico RAID Series combines high performance 16Gbps FC-AL/10GbE ISCSII/12Gb SAS host channels with high reliable SAS or cost-effective SATA-II hard disks and simplifies storage setup processes to make a smart choice for any kinds of purpose.


1. System Feature & Performance

  • The built-in new generation CPU to deliver superior I/O transfer and processing performance
  • Varied Host I/O selections, ranging from 16Gb Fibre, iSCSI to 6Gb/12Gb SAS (Model Dependent)
  • Dual redundant controller mode supported
  • All models support RAID level 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 0+1, 30, 50, 60 and JBOD.I
  • Up to 8Gb cache memory with ECC protection can be supported (Model Dependent)
  • Battery Backup Support(Optional) to keep data in the cache memory during power failure
  • Array Roaming to reduce the downtime largely
  • Online capacity expansion and RAID Level/Stripe Size migration
  • Drive Failure auto detecting and hot spare drive auto rebuilding (Hot swappable)



2. System Design

  • Cable-less design and modular design-oriented
  • All models with RoHS compliant
  • Hot swappable support for all major components (Fans, Power, HDDs, controller and etc..)
  • Chassis made of high quality SECC and aluminium
  • Excellent inside heat airflow vent channel design
  • Go with the standard 19 inches rackmount
  • Build system with solid frame structure



3. Hard Disk Interface and Tray

  • Lockable tray designed to prevent accident tray removing, while keeping the access to HDDs with easiness and no effects
  • Support both standard 2.5 inches and 3.5 inches disk drive, without additional accessories
  • New generation SAS 12Gb HDDs with redundant paths supported (AN-8 Series)
  • Excellent design for quickly heat airflow radiating
  • Solid design on aluminium frame to reduce the vibration effect (Usually caused by high RPM HDD models, 10/15K RPM HDD models)
  • With JBOD enclosures(SAS 3.0 Expander) supporting up to 256 SAS/SATA devices connected (AN-8 Series)



4. Cooling System

  • Redundant, hot swappable, cable-less and modular design
  • Fan speed controlled and monitored by the working temps
  • Utilize high quality fans and quick replacement supported
  • Wild range and excellent airlfow design
  • Two hot swappable and redundant Fans inside of one Fan module
  • High quality fans by Delta
  • One design fit for most of models



5. Power System

  • Redundant, hot swappable, cable-less and modular design
  • Energy-efficient 80-Plus approved
  • 500 Watts with PFC function
  • Low noise design, it’s okay to work in the office
  • Same power module fit for all models



6. Configuration & Monitoring

  • Configuration & Health Status monitored via the embedded Web Browser-based full manage interface
  • Configuration & Health Status monitored via the LCD keypad-based quick manage menu
  • Configuration & Health Status monitored via RS-232 port-based quick manage menu
  • The firmware-embedded SNMP Agent allows the event notifications being sent via SNMP to one or multiple remote or local users
  • The firmware-embedded SMTP manager allows event notifications sent via email to one or multiple remote or local users
  • Up to 64 of event logs can be kept to trace the problem with easiness